Quabbadida dab baba di bou.


Show host:        Good evening, C3PO! I´m glad to see you here at “Don´t be afraid of robots”! How are you today?

C3PO:                 Good evening, madam! Thanks for asking! I feel very well and I´m ready to answer all of your questions!

Show host:         Great! So let´s begin. My first question is: How many languages do you speak?

C3PO:                 To be precise: 6, 000, 321.

Show host:         Wooooow. That´s a lot! Tell us something in one of these languages!

C3PO:                 Quabbadida dab baba di bou.

Show host:         Haha, that sounds like you´re vomiting oil!

C3PO:                 That was in no sense polite or funny, madam. You have to be respectful! The Quibbies are a very intelligent and hospitable species!

Show host:         Yes, daddy…

C3PO:                 Daddy? It is absolutely impossible that I am your father.

Show host:         Seriously? You speak around 6 million languages and don´t know irony? Hahaha!

C3PO:                 Irony? What is this?

Show host:        Okay, I try to explain it to you, my lovely C3PO. Something is ironic when people say the opposite of what they mean or say something in an exaggerated way.

C3PO:                 I do not understand it, madam. But irony is not a part of my sphere of competence. I am a protocol droid.

Show host:        OK OK, it was worth a try. Haha. Unfortunately our time is up. The next guest is already waiting in front of the door.

C3PO:                 Now I am sad, madam. I could have told you so much about how I work. The cables, the oil, the-

Show host:        That´s not necessary. I don´t think we need to know everything about you…But it was an honor to get to know you! Thank you very much! Applause for C3PO!

C3PO:                 I am profoundly emotional, madam! I wish you and the audience a very nice day! (C3PO leaves the stage.)

Show host:        And now our next guest: He is big, he is black, he is mean, he is all metal. The father you never wanted to have. Here is Darth Vader…


          gastbeitrag nina b.



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