Interviewer: Hello, AIBO! Nice to meet you. For me it`s a bit strange to talk to a robot,                                        especially, if it`s a dog. How did your inventors come to the idea to create a robot dog? 

AIBO: Well, my name AIBO means “companion”, so my inventors had the idea to make an adorable, friendly, but also intelligent robot. A dog was just perfect, because today humans have dogs as a friend. So I was the perfect idea for people who don`t have enough time to have a real dog. 

Interviewer: So you can replace a normal dog, because you behave like a normal dog?  

AIBO: Yes that`s true. I can see with my camera, I can hear, I can understand commands and I can even ignore humans, just like a real dog. I can express emotions, which seems quite strange to many humans, but when they see how great this is, they all like it.        

Interviewer: But I think that you cannot only be attractive to people, that want to have a cute robot?                                                                                                                                           

AIBO: Oh there are many computer scientists and robotic fans, especially students, who think, that I am quite interesting. Dr Manuela Veloso, professor of computer science, for example really likes that I can act with other robots. I`ve already played soccer together with other AIBOs. If you want to, you can see some pictures on my roboblog.                 

Interviewer: You have your own blog? That`s great! How does this work?                           

AIBO: While playing soccer, for example, I take pictures with my camera and send them right to my roboblog.                                                                                                                              

Interviewer: This sounds quite interesting. I`ll search these pictures on the internet. So AIBO, thank you very much for the interview.

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